Based on a concept of creative visualization:

What you think we become.
What you dream, we realize.

Meaning: if you dream of any result, goal, or accomplishment, we have the tools, skills, and talent to help you realize that dream, and accomplish that goal.

exist_logo-chal-lc_w-b_6000x6000exist:create is the current, modernized, expanded, and evolved version of the business formerly known as Dreamit. After a trademark dispute (lost) over that name in 2016, exist:create was launched as a division and d/b/a/ of a new company named Randomatrix LLC.

Today, Randomatrix operates three divisions operating as “exist” with a separate focus, identity, and website for each. You are currently on the exist:create website, focused on creative services. The other two sites are:

Only people who dream can create the future. We respect and admire those who dream, innovate, and create — let’s collaborate!

Go to our contact page to get in touch, or email us: info@existcreate.com


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