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We have done so much for so many — born in 1995 as Watts Up, re-born in 2006 as DreamIT, and re-launched in 2016 as Randomatrix d/b/a/ exist:create — over 24 years of solutions delivered to satisfied clients! Here are a few logos (some you’ll recognize) from some of the companies who got their software, technology, web, and/or creative solutions from us over the years:

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Who are our clients? Over the years, it seems we have truly served them all — from large to small — all types and personalities, with all types of solutions! Clients have included (for example) one or more of EACH of these business types: real estate brokerage, fish distributor, hotel-spa-resort, retailer, model agency, motorcycle maker, automotive photography archive, antiques importer, furniture designer, food/candy importer, heavy manufacturer, and much more.

To date, more than 1400 clients have benefited from our business, software, technology, web-social, marketing, creative solutions, and services. Click these links for more information about the work we’ve done:

Projects / Portfolio — samples of our work products, and results.

Client Testimonials — glowing praise in their words, not ours!

Want to inquire about our services, or to request a client case study, which is relevant to your business? Go to our contact page to get in touch, or email us:

We look forward to working with you!


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